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Make sure you have your Fuzzy account login details, credit card details and the names and date of birth for all attendees ready!

FIELD DAY 2019 Resale Facility to buy your tickets

Tickets may be in high demand and only appear once a seller decides to sell their ticket. If none are present currently you can check back at a later date or time.

1) If tickets are available, they will appear in the available tickets section.

2) Click Buy Ticket.

1) Enter the Full Name and Date of Birth (if required) for the name on the ticket.

2) Enter your credit card details.

3) Click Submit Payment.

NOTE: Your tickets are secure only when your payment has been successfully completed.

How do I know when tickets are being released?

Tickets will be released randomly and unpredictably. We suggest you check the FIELD DAY 2019 Resale Facility as tickets can become available at any time.


How will I know that tickets are available to purchase?

You will need to keep a close eye on the FIELD DAY 2019 Resale Facility and if tickets are available you'll be able to select ato buy. If there are no tickets currently available to purchase you will see no tickets available.


I'm subscribed to notifications but not receiving any but I can see tickets being sold?

Facebook notifications are sent in sign up order, best way is to create an account and keep checking the resale site.

They get snapped VERY quickly!!


How can I be sure that I'm buying a genuine ticket?

INTIX offers this service with the official endorsement of Fuzzy, the event Promoter. Any tickets available via FIELD DAY 2019 Resale Facility were originally purchased via INTIX as electronic tickets. Once your purchase is approved you will be issued tickets with a brand new barcode so the previous buyer no longer has a valid ticket.


If I buy a resold ticket via INTIX, will it have my name on it?

Tickets purchased via the FIELD DAY 2019 Resale Facility work exactly the same way as those originally sold to the event via INTIX. This means that whenever an event promoter has required us to collect name and/or date of birth information for each ticket, this information will also be required for tickets purchased via the resale.


If I buy a ticket via the resale, can I also resell it on INTIX later?

Yes. Please follow the Sellers FAQ guide.


Need more help?

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